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Jen Landry

Jen is a  Registered Herbalist (AHG), Asian Bodywork Therapist, AOBTA-CP and Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM), and certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), Clinical. She is a graduate of East West Professional Herbalist School, Acupressure Institute, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™. She has completed two clinical internships in acupuncture and herbal medicine clinics in California, studied Acu-Oncology with Isabel Adkins and received extensive training with Ashiatsu master Edward Spencer. She formally opened Robin’s Song Acupressure & Herbal Therapy in Fairbanks in 2004.

Jen Landry in her backyard

Photo © Jen Landry, and her amazing backyard
Photo © Jen Landry, pasqueflower

Robin’s Song was named for Robin London, L.Ac. Jen was blessed to intern with Robin, an incredible acupuncturist, herbalist, and teacher. Robin put her whole heart into every interaction. Shortly before Jen opened her practice in 2004, Robin passed away due to cancer. Her memory remains an inspiration and role model.

Jen’s life journey and travels have included winters with her husband in the bush and numerous canoe, hiking, and kayak trips around Alaska. She credits the Cree families of northern Quebec, Wapachee and Jolly families, who adopted her for a winter with inspiring her love of the North and numerous lessons that the cold is worth enduring.

She and her husband live a subsistence oriented lifestyle in rural Alaska, growing and wild-harvesting vegetables, berries, fruits, fish and game. Jen is an impassioned gardener, and has worked on organic and biodynamic farms in the U.S. and South America. Recently she and her husband have started market vegetable and medicinal herb gardens.

northern river in spring
© Jen Landry; One of Jen’s favorite places, far from roads or villages, she and her husband spent 9 months here.

4 species of ducks on an ice raft in False Pass

© Jen Landry; LUCKY DUCKS, 4 species of ducks on an ice raft in False Pass.

Steller Botanical Health is not a misspelling but a reference to Georg Steller, who played a remarkable role in Vitus Bering’s epic and tragic exploratory voyages, to ascertain what lay beyond the Russian coastline.  A quirky but brilliant biologist, botanist and physician whose enthusiasm and foibles influenced Alaskan history.  Corey Fords’ Where the Sea Breaks its Back is an engaging account of Bering’s journey; or for bare bone basics see:

Jen has led numerous small group workshops and plant walks since 2004.  If you are interested in a plant walk or workshop on a particular topic, please contact her with your request.

Formal presentations and events around the state:

  • Alaska Herbals for Pregnancy and Plant Walk at the Alaska Birth Conference, Anchorage, 2015
  • Plant Walks with Becoming An Outdoorswoman Juneau, 2013
  • Growing Medicinal Plants workshop at the Tanana Valley Master Gardener’s Conference, 2012.
  • Mini- Herbal Apprenticeship, Summer 2012 for 6 women in Interior Alaska, aged 17-75!

Aleutians on a clear day

© Jen Landry; Aleutians on a clear day