Women’s Health Essentials, Natural Support & Care

ESSENTIAL  HEALTH NATURALLY FOR WOMEN Good health is gifted upon some of us.  However, we can all benefit from extra support and preventive steps.  These are these essentials for taking care of general women’s health—specifics vary by the individual and stage of life you are in…more on that next winter! Good nutrition, as always [...]

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INFOBESITY… do you have it?

I do, absolutely. Infobesity is recognized by health professionals as an epidemic of grander proportions than obesity. I was introduced to this concept by Ashley Koff in a recent “Stop Infobesity” web class for health professionals.  I was digesting this over the weekend, fascinated by this perfectly fitting description of feeling overwhelmed by all I [...]

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Even in my little rural Alaskan town, Plant Paradox by Stephen Gundry is making the rounds and conversations about it unavoidable. People talking about what it means to eat healthy—this is wonderful! Short on time and looking for answers this is a book written for pop culture, easy to read and high on anecdotes. The [...]

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