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  • This website is hosted by AcornHost, I am proud that is is wind powered, women owned… and they provide great support. Back in 2008 the NY Times posted this piece, Here, predicting that by 2020 internet data servers are on track to have a carbon footprint equivalent to that of the airline industry. We have become so dependent on the tech world it is time to put more awareness into our choices here. GreenGeeks is another conscientious webserver.


  • Steller Botanical Health is powered by small community scale hydropower.

False Pass Alaska

© Jen Landry, Kodiak land contrasts with ocean

Southeast Alaska alpine

© Jen Landry Southeast Alaska alpine beauty
  • High quality herbs are emphasized, organically grown or harvested in a sustainable manner. I have an expanding herb garden of about 40 herbs, nourished by the clean air and soil of Glacier Bay and I am surrounded by healthy forests and beaches from which to wild-gather. Herbal products are extracted with organic ingredients. I believe that each step closer to home that an item can be sourced enables greater familiarity and assurances of ethical, social, and environmental practices as well as overall quality.


  • ORGANIC IS NOT ALWAYS SUSTAINABLE! Habitat destruction, a lack of quality accountability, heavy metal contamination, cheap labor, excess packaging, and a large carbon footprint are increasingly common flaws with organic products in our global economy.
  • Ingredients and materials are sourced from businesses dedicated to sustainable practices. Products guaranteed free of GMO’s and allergens are my priority.


  • Alaska provides many opportunities for beauty, my goal is to never use stock photos on this site! I have been fortunate to spend time in wonderfully wild places, please respect the time and energy it has taken me to procure these pictures and do not copy them without my permission.

Trientalis borealis, Starflower

© Jen Landry, Trientalis europea, Starflower