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“I have never had a lot of extra money. The major obstacle that would have prevented me from working one on one with a natural health practitioner would have been money. However, I was dealing with painful ovarian cysts as well as other problems and Jen came highly recommended by a Nurse Practitioner. I was ready to try anything and willing to put a little money into it. It ended up completely changing my life for the better and the money has never been a problem. Jen is very affordable.”


“Jen is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, patient, and a joy to work with!

She takes the time to explain why certain tactics might work for you, empowers you to consider what changes you can make and how you might be able to promote your own health and well-being, and she takes the time to gather myriad information so she can best understand your experiences.


“Jen helped me recover from a severe IT band problem through several sessions of Asian Bodywork Therapy and was able to stop spasms with an herbal antispasmodic and relax muscles with a valerian root based tension oil. I have purchased many of her herbs for tea, such as milky oat straw and lemon balm for bone strengthening.”


My name is Connie; I have lived in Alaska for more than forty years. When Jen was practicing in Fairbanks, I was one of her clients. Because I have multiple chronic conditions, Jen worked closely with my other doctors, making certain that none of the medications that she gave me were in conflict with the western medications that I was being prescribed.


It has been 22 years since I first began using Jen Landry’s tincture for a variety of conditions, including arthritis, inflammation, high cholesterol, heavy metal accumulation and volcanic emissions known locally as “vog”.