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Gustavus, Alaska

My Story

As a young teen I wanted control over my life.

I loved animals, so driven by emotions and with little understanding of how to eat well, I pronounced myself a vegetarian. I spent most of my high school years eating a crazy amount of carbohydrate rich vending machine foods, mac and cheese, instant potatoes, and caffeine spiked sodas.

I grew up in a home where my material needs were met, but I didn't feel deeply supported and emotional honesty was not encouraged. A fundamentalist religious upbringing that was more focused on fire and brimstone than love and spiritual depth ingrained guilt and a lack of self worth deep into my cells. My step-father passed away when I was sixteen catapulting me into an emotional and spiritual crisis. I rebelled against everything and withdrew deeper into myself because I could not find sense in the shock of death or the guilt of being alive.

My health journey has unfolded over decades. Spending time in gardens and nature soothes my soul. Learning to grow my own food and studying edible and medicinal plants gave me positive focus that blossomed into my life passions. Learning how to eat in a way that is truly nourishing has been a journey of many steps. It takes years of experience to become a skilled gardener, dialed into the seed varieties that work best and how to course correct for variables like weather, pests, diseases. Learning emotional confidence and security has been thousands more steps and deep breaths of letting go balanced with acceptance. The emotional pieces are what really changed my life, bringing everything else into a more natural alignment.

For more than 20 years my husband and I have lived a subsistence oriented lifestyle in Alaska growing and wild-harvesting vegetables, berries, fruits, fish and game. In 2012 we moved from one of the coldest valleys in the Fairbanks area to the relatively temperate coast of Southeast of Alaska. We have been expanding and improving our market vegetable and medicinal herb gardens since then.

We have experimented over time to find the crops that grow best in this climate and creatively come up with ways that are efficient in preserving our foods with the most nutrients while being flavorful! Supplements have their place as 'supplements' to our health. I believe that high quality food is just as essential as mentally nourishing beliefs...the combination is the most powerful medicine. Every meal is a chance to improve our microbiota, our energy, to feel gratitude...to make every one of our cells, and not to mention our brains, happy with real vitality.

Jenspruce roots

Harvesting spruce roots for crafts

American Herbalist Guild

Published articles: Flagrant Fragrances. An exploration of the sustainability of Essential Oils in the Journal of Medicinal Plant Conservation, 2015.

Credentials & Steller Botanicals

I originally opened my practice in 2004 as Robins' song for Robin London, L.AC. I was so blessed to intern with Robin, an incredible acupuncturist, herbalist and teacher. Robin put her whole heart into every interaction. Shortly before I opened my practice, Robin passed away due to cancer. Her memory remains an inspiration and role model. I so wish she could see how far I have come since my time as here student. As time and locales have changed my practice has been renamed Steller Botanical Health.

I am trained as a Clinical Herbalist, which means that I have years of supervised practice working with clients one-on-one with herb, nutrition and lifestyle protocols. I am a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild(RH, AHG). A graduate from the East West School of Herbology. I enhanced my studies by completing clinical internships with Herbalist Acupuncturists- Robin London, L.Ac and Lesley Tierra, L.Ac back in 2003-2004.

I am a graduate of the Institute for Transformational Nutrition (ITN). Transformational Nutrition is a coaching method that uses revolutionary, modern methods to help clients achieve nourishment and balance for body-mind-and spirit. Nourishment is about food...AND so much more! Our emotions, our mental health and our connection to spirit color so much of how we perceive ourselves and what unfolds around us--and what we perpetuate in our lives. As a coach my goal is to help you find new positive ways to accept what was and to create the fully nourishing life you want for yourself.  I am also a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P).

I schedule local clients and visitor for consultations or bodywork sessions. I am an Asian Bodywork Therapist, credentials AOBTA-CP and Dipl. ABT (NCCAOM). I studied Acu-Oncology with Isabel Adkins and received extensive training with Ashiatsu Master Edward Spencer.

Steller Botanicals is powered by small community scale hydropower

High quality herbs are emphasized, organically grown or harvested in a sustainable manner. We have an expanding herb garden of about 50 herbs, nourished by the clean air and soil of Glacier Bay and I am surrounded by healthy forests and beaches from which to wild-gather. Herbal products are extracted with organic ingredients. I believe that each step closer to home that an item can be sourced enables greater familiarity and assurances of ethical, social, and environmental practices as well as overall quality.

Falls Creek hydro

Falls Creek Dam, photo by Jim Mackovjack- Gustavus.



Habitat destruction, a lack of quality accountability, heavy metal contamination, cheap labor, excess packaging, and a large carbon footprint are increasingly common flaws with organic products in our global economy.

Alaska provides fantastic moments, most of which I have not captured. Most of the images on this site are my own photography.  Please respect my images and do not copy them from the site.