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Your Belly is Your Body's Garden

Why Work with Jen?

My role is to help you honor your self fully.   And keep you inspired to meet your goals.

So many of us take better care of- other people- or things like our cars, yards, pets...

Could you be taking better care of your own self ?



    Are uncomfortable & embarrassing digestive issues creating stress in your life?

    • Abdominal Discomfort, frequent gas or bloating.

    • Irritable bowel tendencies, and/or loose stools or inconsistent bowel movements.

    • Chronic skin issues.

    • Sugar Cravings, Fatigue, Mood swings, weight gain...

    • Do you feel like you are not in control of your body? 

      Built up gas? Frequent trips to the outhouse or bathroom? None of us like to talk about these issues, even though they are at some point part of the human experience. However they need not be a regular part of your reality. How else could you spend that precious life energy and time?

      ...Maybe it's not that you are broken, but that the flora of your belly is out of balance? or a hidden pathogen? Or a food sensitivity?

      These problems have solutions once you know which problem to address!


    Why focus on gut health?


    Get your life back

    Do you feel shame associated with your stomach or bowel tendencies? Feel like you have missed out on life because you have been curled up in a ball feeling abdominal distress?

    Restoring balance in your gut will save you from these awkward and troubling moments.


    Symptom Relief

    Digestive health is the foundation of many other health issues. Improving your digestion has the added benefits of improving your skin, mood, energy, and sleep.

    Start with a common source of many symptoms-- your belly!

    Restore confidence in your body again

    Feel like you have tried everything but haven't gotten the results you expected? A coach brings fresh perspectives and tools to re-inspire you on your path to your success.

    You aren't broken you just need a new angle