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Your Belly is Your Body's Garden

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You have tried all the things..

You go out of your way to be "healthy"

WHY do you still feel bleh?


tired of experiencing digestive symptoms that suck?

  • Stomach ache, upset stomach, bloating, acid reflux

  • Bowel urgency, loose stools, inconsistent bowel habits

  • Inability to lose or gain weight

  • Food cravings or chaotic eating habits

  • Anxiety about calories or foods that are "safe" for you to eat.

  • Steller Botanicals 3 Step Digestive Restoration Program WILL change your life.  


Most people find it uncomfortable to talk about this or to let on that they are having issues.

...and guess what... they are a part of the human experience

BUT should not be an ongoing reality for you

You are not broken

these problems have solutions.

as your health detective I will uncover whether your gut flora is imbalanced...

or perhaps there is a hidden pathogen... or a food sensitivity...

I have helped myself and my clients with gut issues.

Healing your digestion is a crucial step in achieving overall health.



Why focus on gut health?


Reset to Feel Well Again

Taking the time to become aware of your digestive health and focus on rebalancing your microbiome often provides lasting insights and benefits.

Do you suspect that something you are eating is causing issues but need support or realistic recipes to help you implement change? 


Symptom Relief

Digestive health is the foundation of SO many other health issues. Improving your digestion has the added benefits of improving your skin, mood, energy, and sleep.

Start with a common source of many symptoms-- your digestion!

Restore confidence in your body again

Feel like you have tried everything but haven't gotten the results you expected?

Steller Botanical Health is ready to offer fresh perspectives and ready tools to provide relief or reset your health.

You aren't broken.. you just need the right protocols for health and balance!

Digestive Health is the foundation of overall health.  

good digestive health improves mood

digestion is linked to immune function

the thoughts we believe about ourselves influence our capacity to nourish ourselves

what is flowing? what is stuck?

digestion also includes how we absorb and interact with the world surrounding us

My passion is connecting people with nutrition
...and making sure you are getting fully nourished

Sometimes that means identifying pathogens 

or addressing food cravings

or foods that are causing unpleasant reactions

or addressing eating habits


and sometimes it means diving deeper into emotional patterns that are causing distress

It's time to expand the definition of nutrition to include how we perceive ourselves- the beliefs that hold us back from allowing us to feel worthy of nourishment.

The life stress that prevents us from being mindful of the great food on our plate.

The trauma that lingers and prevents us from achieving our dreams.

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Steller Botanicals can customize solutions to help you achieve your best health

Whether you just need a plan

and/or Botanical Support

and/or Nutritional Support

and/or a Coach to keep you on track

Jen has diverse training she can integrate to provide you with plans and tools to help reach your health goals!

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